The SoftWare And Technology TEAM of Syncor Systems, Inc.
Embedded Systems Expertise
The SWAT Team at Syncor  has been using its expertise for over 25 years to design and develop systems in C# and C/C++ including complete radar systems and state-of-the-art laboratory instrumentation. We specialize in the NetBurner platform and the development of Ethernet enabled embedded systems. We also excel at creating C# WPF Virtual Front Panels for laboratory instruments.
.NET, MatLab and Usability Engineering
Many solutions we have developed have benefited from our expertise in developing easy to use instrument interfaces. We excel at both AJAX enabled web interfaces and full scale C# and C++/CLI  .NET applications leveraging WPF, MVVM, LINQ and WCF. We have written custom real-time scientific/engineering plotting solutions using both C# and MatLab. We have experience with the Infragistics and Nevron frameworks as well as MS Office integration.
Database Experience
On projects that collect large amounts of data we are able to leverage our knowledge of technologies like SQL Server 2005 and 2008, LINQ, Entity Framework 4.1 and Microsoft's Synchronization framework to build complete system solutions. We've even been known to save the day for some customers by writing plain old business database solutions (like order entry systems).
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Recent Projects
Virtual Front Panel written in  C# using WPF/MVVM for Innovative Technical Systems', ITS-6100 Pulse Generator. Firmware for the device written in C++. Click image for a larger picture.
NetBurner based
Order Entry Database system for SQL Azure developed for Harbor Ship Supply. The key database for their daily operations as a ship chandler. Built using WPF/MVVM and Entity Framework 4.1 
The ITS-9202 Pulse Modulator, for  Innovative Technical Systems. Instrument control and touch panel firmware written in C++. Virtual Front Panel written in C# .NET using WPF/MVVM. Click the image for a larger version.
NetBurner based - with a Matrix Orbital GTT
Real Time Radar Digital Signal Processing system for Information Systems Laboratories. System included real-time hardware, C# GUI, and MatLab PPI plotting.
Automated Target Generator- Embedded software and a C# GUI for Innovative Technical Systems', ATG9100 reflective target generator. Used to calibrate automotive speed cameras that use CW, FMCW, or stepped-frequency waveforms.
NetBurner based
The AJAX enabled interface for Horizon Technology's latest Envision Platform controller.

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